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​Safety is paramount within our Company and is nurtured through an active Safety Management System, which we have developed internally and is currently in the interim certification process with CAA.  CEO and Chief Pilot, Simon Werthmuller, has 30 years accident-free and recognises the importance of a strong safety culture within his Company.  This has been embraced by all our staff, from Pilots to Ground Crew and working on clients to also embrace this culture.  Pilots working for Rangitikei Helicopters have gone through an apprenticeship programme, which includes at least two years ground crewing for Rangitikei Helicopters before any flying training or productive flying starts.  Clients have confidence in our pilots because they are known to have started from the ground up. Our aircraft are well-maintained to and exceeding CAA Part 135 specifications and no expense is spared on this maintenance.  They are well-presented and certified for all the roles of work that they are engaged in.

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