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Our Services

Agricultural Spraying

  • We operate TracMap GPS with wireless TracLink in all aircraft

  • We offer GIS support

  • Large range of set-ups for agricultural spraying to meet all requirements from high volume spraying at 1000 litres/hectare down to low volume spraying at 25 litres/hectare

  • Long-line spot spraying rig

  • Directional nozzle

  • Liquid fertiliser mixing tanks

  • Agricultural and advanced helicopter training

Top Dressing

  • Bulk loading systems, designed and made by Rangitikei Helicopters, with electronic scales and quick delivery system

  • We have modern, well-calibrated buckets (certified by FertMark), also designed and made by Rangitikei Helicopters

Commercial Operations & Air Transport

  • We specialise in long-line lifting with a good range of certified strops, self-releasing hooks

  • Concreting

  • Gravelling tracks

  • Rigging and flying any specialised loads

  • We design and make specialist equipment to get any job done

  • Surveying and filming

  • GPS and mapping

  • Hunting and fishing into Rangitikei River and local areas (red deer and Rainbow and Brown Trout)

  • Flights into remote areas

  • Transport flights

  • Weddings and functions

  • Power company support

  • Search and rescue

  • Scenic flights

  • Experienced with mountain flying

  • Wild animal control work


We offer helicopter basal barking, chemical dispensed via carbon fibre wand, single stem application, minimal to no collateral damage. We are NZ CAA certified for basel barking/wond work.  


Also helicopter spot spraying using high volume directional nozzle, minimal collateral damage.  We also have ground crew that are well set up and experienced for contorta control.


  • Firefighting

  • Dam for ground crew and equipment

  • Interim certificate (2016/14) by National Rural Fire Authority

  • All three helicopters are set up with Rural Fire radio channels

  • Ground crew and pilots all have US3285 Unit Standard

  • All helicopter fire buckets are set up with Class A fire foam dispensers

  • Fire lighter for back burning and control

  • CAA Part 135 Certificate for relocating ground crews


All Helicopters Are Set Up With Digital Temperature Gauges And Night Lights.  All The Helicopters Are Installed With TracMap GPS And Mapping Can Be Completed Prior To Frost Control To Ensure Correct Areas Are Controlled At Night And Any Hazards, Such As Wires, Are Plotted.  All Our Pilots Have Night Ratings And Are Experienced In The Aircraft Types They Are Flying.  For Further Information On Costings, Please Feel Free To Contact Us.​

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