Simon holds an E and D Category Instructors Rating for pilot training and offers:

  • Type Ratings - Hughes 300, Bell Jet Ranger, McDonnell Douglas 520N, Robinson R44
  • Advanced Mountain Flying Training
  • Longline and Lifting Training
  • Agricultural Topdressing Rating and Training
  • Agricultural Spraying Rating and Training
  • Aerial VTA Rating and Training
  • CAA Part 137 Annual Competency Checks
  • Ground courses on agricultural spraying, topdressing and VTA


  • Full agricultural rating, including spray gear, Tracmap GPS using our Robinson R44 = $63,750 + GST
  • Full agricultural rating, using your aircraft, fuel and gear (from our Rewa base only) = $12,600 + GST
  • Rating - MD520N = $1,450/hour
  • Rating - Bell Jet Ranger = $1,250/hour
  • Rating - Robinson R44 = $1,100/hour

Note:  All training costs are based on rotors in motion in time + GST